Our philosophy about pricing: We are one of the few process service firms that confidently and openly advertise our prices. We charge you once for a service: no matter how many times we need to attend. We will go above and beyond to effect service (and filing, too!) for you!! ********************* FLAT RATE TRIAL During the month of May 2020, we will be conducting a trial of flat rate pricing. Urban (Windsor, Tecumseh, & LaSalle): $100.00 Rural (Essex County: Amherstburg, Belle River, Essex, Harrow, Kingsville, Leamington, Tilbury, Wheatley) $160.00 Expanded (Chatham & Chatham-Kent from Wallaceburg to Thamesville to Morpeth) $220.00 Additional Defendants at Same Address: $ 15.00 ea Additional Defendants Nearby (w/in 15km): $ 25.00 ea Additional Attempts After 3 Attempts: $0.75/km r.t. from our office Other services as below ********************** As of May 2020: Court Filing (per document) $30.00 Process Service – Local (Windsor-Essex, Tilbury, Chatham) $60.00 Process Service – Additional Party At Address $15.00 Occupancy Search (with/without service) $15.00/$60.00 Garnishments $75.00 Mileage, roundtrip from our office, min 5.0km $0.60/km Photocopies: at our discretion, 1st 20 pages waivable $0.15/page Disbursements (Court Fees Advanced, Tolls, etc.) Billed At Cost Disbursement Fee $15.00 Postage/Courier Billed at Cost MTO Locates Billed at Cost or $50.00 min.